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Snow Removal Policies

Many new homeowners have arrived at Scotty Hollow Condominiums over the years and they may not be aware of our snow plowing procedures.

The snow removal contract states that plowing will commence upon the accumulation of 2 inches and is to continue as necessary during a storm.

The procedure for removal of snow is stated below.

1) Main roadways and Circles are to be opened and maintained.

2) Sand is applied as needed.

3) Parking areas beneath decks and behind homes are cleaned during and after snow fall. Vehicles left directly behind a home will impede snow removal, cause snow and ice to build up and create a major inconvenience for the neighbors in your entire building.

When snow has been predicted, residents should park their vehicles in designated areas before snow falls and before turning in for the evening.  Plowing continues overnight so roadways will be open for early morning commuters.

  • Parking for snow removal is permitted in the following designated areas:
    Adjacent to the C Circle Mail Box
  • Adjacent to the Clubhouse
  • Adjacent to the Pump Station Building
  • Behind D8-D16 on field area
  • Along one side of Scotty Hollow Drive from the C Mailbox to E60 (only)

4) Handwork will be completed after snow fall ends.  Front steps, stoops, walkways, rear entrance ways, mailboxes and fire hydrants are shoveled at this time.

5)    In the event an emergency situation exists, please call Property Management of Andover (978-683-4101) and your after hours call will be processed by their answering service.  The on-call manager will contact the snow plow operator and request emergency service.

6) Vehicles are not permitted to be parked on the lawns.  Damage to the sprinkler heads and lawns will occur.

7) Shoveling of snow from your deck should take place before the snow removal crews have completed the clearing and sanding of your driveways.  The crews will not return to plow or shovel your driveway due to snow shoveled off decks.

8) Your timely assistance in moving your vehicles will make the process of snow plowing and sanding more efficient.  One vehicle left behind one building will interfere with the entire building’s snow plowing efforts.  Returning your vehicle to your home after plowing has been completed will allow the contractors to clean the parking lots and widen the streets.  Do not park your vehicle across the paving from your home.  These areas are locations where snow will be plowed towards and vehicles will obstruct plows and become “plowed in” if left in this area.  Neighbors backing out of their garage may collide with your vehicle if paring in this location as well.


This site is provided by Property Management of Andover, Inc.